There are several types of workouts or exercises available for us. Some of them are easy to perform while some are quite difficult. You need to hire a trainer to do those difficult workouts. Running is the simplest and easiest form of exercise. You do not need to hire a trainer or to join a gym for running. You can burn 10 calories at a running of one minute. It helps you stay young & fit.

Just fetch out your comfortable pair of sports shoes, put them on, take a bottle of water and start running with or without a music player. If you a beginner, you need to follow a few things to run rightly and avoid making mistakes. Here are a few running tips for your support:

  • Do not take heavy food before running. It should be better not to have food at least 2 hours before a run.
  • Try to run against traffic, if you are using the busy road for your running. As far as possible, use a park or garden for running.
  • You need not to have an extensive warming up. Though, practice light stretches such as side stepping, knee lifts or climbing down the stairs before starting your run. You can start your running just after a brisk walk of 5 minutes.
  • Put on good quality of sports shoes that can protect you from getting injured and unnecessary stress on your feet.
  • If required, take a quick break between your runnings. You can walk slowly or stretch lightly on your sides.
  • Take a warm shower after completing your run. Don’t worry about a mild pain in your thighs and calves. Do not mind, if you body gets heated. Take water to hydrate yourself and stretch your legs out till you begin feeling relaxed.
  • Do not forget to take a meal having enough protein after your run. Also include greens. The meal rich in protein, vitamins and minerals help in repairing muscles and loading the minerals and vitamins that your body lost in running in the form of sweat.

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  1. Done well! The mentioned running tips are very helpful for a runner like me. From now, I’ll take utmost care while running.

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