Most of you want to attain your fitness goals and you make a plan for it. But you have no success in attaining your fitness goals. Here are some effective ways to attain fitness goals. Try all of them and see a significant difference.

Set Realistic Goal

If you are currently at 30% or above body fat, you can’t get down to a single-digit body fat in just a month or two. Always set practical and realistic fitness goals. Divide your goal into micro goals.

Make it Public

Making your resolution public gives you a psychological boost. Moreover, declaring your resolution socially, binds you to stick to it for a longer run, especially if your circle keeps reminding you.

Set Deadlines

Deadlines keep you on track. A lot of people fail in their fitness resolutions due to lack of a deadline. It actually works as a motivating factor.


Now, this principle is based on the law of attraction. You need to keep visualising the new and transformed version of yourself to keep at your goals.

Find A Partner

A like-minded partner with a similar goal can help you achieve it.

Plan A Reward

Plan a reward for your goal accomplishment. It could be a cheat meal or cheat day or maybe something like some apparel. We all want rewards.

By Amit Kumar

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