As green chillies come to your mind, most of you think that they spice up your meal. You are wrong here, as they do a lot for your health apart from making your food spicy. They are good for your overall fitness and immunity. To make you understand how beneficial they are, I have listed here 9 health benefits of green chillies –

  1. High amount of Vitamin A – Green chillies have a high amount of Vitamin A, which strengthens teeth, bones and mucous membranes.
  2. Control bleeding – Start consuming green chillies when you bleed a lot due to an injury or any cut. The presence of Vitamin K supports in blood clotting.
  3. Improve cardiovascular system – The presence of an antioxidant, known as beta-carotene, supports cardiovascular system of human body.
  4. Treat skin infections – Green chillies have high antibacterial properties and this makes them the best suitable food item to treat all types of skin infections.
  5. Rich source of iron – Iron deficiency can lead you to have serious health problems. When you feel you are taking less amount of iron, start consuming green chillies. They are also considered good for eyesight.
  6. Balance sugar level – Are you suffering from diabetes? If yes, start including green chillies in your diet. Their intake will help you balance your sugar level.
  7. Make you feel good – You know the intake of green chillies releases a chemical called as endorphins that boost the enzymes responsible for regulating mood swings in the human body.
  8. Work as a painkiller – As you consume green chillies, they release heat and this heat works as an effective painkiller.
  9. Help you control cold and sinus – Green chillies have capsaicin, which stimulates smooth blood flow in the nose and supports you combat sinus related issues and cold.

By Amit Kumar

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