Climbing stairs is a great form of exercise and gradually it can have a positive and powerful impact on your body. You know most of us think that exercise is a sport, but the scientific studies have shown that it is everyday life activities such as walking, stair climbing and these are closely linked to improved health. Here are five benefits of stair climbing workout:

Improve your heart health

You know stair up and down works on cardiovascular fitness and this leads you to reduce the heart attack risks. It happens, as your heart gets more workout and fresh air while climbing up and down on the stairs.

Tone your body

You tone up your calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings as you do stair climbing workout. If you sedentary jobs, you should opt this.

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Burn calories

You know stair up & down helps you burn calories. In stair climbing, you move against gravity and your body has to work harder and this leads you to have calorie loss. It enables you to burn more calories than jogging.

Elevate your mood

Climbing up and down on stairs works wonder and it increases the endorphins that de-stress your mind. As your mind de-stresses, you feel good and you are happy.

Require no fixed time or a routine

Stair climbing workout requires you not to make a routine or fix a time to perform. You can do it anytime and anywhere. There is no need to roll out a yoga mat or join a gym. Avoid lifts and use stairs at your workplace, home and in shopping complexes.

By Amit Kumar

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