Whether it is a bowl of gulab jamuns, a plate of rajma chawal, or a bowl of soulful thupkas, have you ever thought about their originating place or from where these food items came? You will surely know food leads our celebrations and festivals. Here are 15 food facts that can make you surprised:

  1. Known as magic rice, black rice is only produced in China and India.
  2. Daal chawal that we consider as Indian food was originated in Nepal.
  3. Before the 16th century, no Indian knew about coffee. It was popularized by the British in India.
  4. Very popular in India, Chicken Tikka Masala was, in fact, originated in Scotland.
  5. Do you consider curry as an Indian dish? You are wrong, as the word curry does not always mean it.
  6. Around 40% of India’s population is vegetarian and hence, India has the lowest meat consumption per person.
  7. Naan originated in Persia.
  8. As per Indian Food Theory, Indian cuisine is of six different flavours- Pungent(katu), Sweet(madhura), Salty (lavana), Bitter (tikta), Sour(amala), and Astringent (kasya).
  9. Called as luqmat al qadi, gulab jamun existed in the Mediterranean region before coming to India.
  10. No country is close to India in the production of many varieties of spices. India is the land of spices
  11. Rajma is also a staple in Mexico.
  12. You are wrong if you think jalebi as Indian sweet. Called as Zabiya, jalebi was originated in the Middle East.
  13. Samosa, known as sambosa, existed in the Middle East before coming to India in the 13th or 14th century.
  14. In India, potatoes, tomatoes, and refined sugar were introduced by Portuguese.
  15. Butter Chicken was originated in Scotland.

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