Australia, famous for its kangaroos and breath-taking sceneries, is a country/continent people from all over the world love and wish to pay a visit at. Like any other country, you need to take special health precautions when you are travelling in Australia. Although the country maintains great standard in food and water quality, you might still fall sick due to various other reasons. And that is why it’s important to know what pre-travel health precautions to take and how to maintain good health when you are actually in Australia. Below you find certain critical advice in this regard, which will definitely help you travel in the land of kangaroos healthy and sound.

1. Water and food

Yes, you should be careful while eating and drinking in Australia. After all, you are in a new place, and you don’t know how your body adapts to the water here and to your new ways of eating. Still, you will be happy to know that food and water standards in Australia are high. So, you need to worry less in this regard.

2. Staying protected from bug bites

Although Australia is an industrialized country, you might find mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks in the woods. Use insect repellents to stay away from bugs. If you have been bitten by a bug, then avoid scratching the area, and apply calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to it for relief.

3. What to do outdoors

When you are outdoors, don’t forget to wear clothes as per the weather. Carrying your sunscreen along with you is highly advisable if you are planning to roam about under the sun for a prolonged period, visiting different sightseeing places. And carry water with you. If your outdoor plans include swimming, make sure you swim in designated swimming areas only. And don’t swallow water while swimming. When boating, wear a life jacket, and don’t drive the boat in a drunken state.

4. When you come in contact with animals

Australia is a land of adorable animals. But playing safe when you are around them is highly advisable. Don’t be too playful with animals. If you have your pet with you, make sure it doesn’t mingle with other unknown animals. In case you or your pet get an animal bite, you should rush to a medical care unit urgently.

5. Few tips on personal safety

You are travelling to Australia then you should research well about the kind of diseases most prevalent here. And if possible, get yourself vaccinated for the same. Also, if you suffer from some serious illness or chronic disease, you must bring all your medicines with you, without fail. Don’t forget to bring an additional stock too. But before you put the medicines inside your travel kitty, confirm with the Australian embassy if the medicines you intend to take are allowed.

Aren’t these some really amazing ways as to how you can keep yourself protected from health issues when you are in Australia? Well, yes! So, if you are thinking of visiting this country sometime soon, then you know what tips to follow.

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