Is weight loss your resolution for the forthcoming year? Are you eager to lose your weight? If yes, you’ll have to be determined and stick to a routine. Still, you are willing to shed a few pounds, here are five habits that can surely help you lose your weight:

Water drinking habit

Don’t start laughing to listen to it. Yes, drinking a full glass of water just before your breakfast, lunch or dinner works wonder. Apart from making you hydrated, it fills your stomach and as a result, your appetite gets reduced and you take a small amount of meal.

Eat slow habit

You know most of us take our meals fast. We don’t chew the food well. Here you need to slow down your eating. Chew each bite well. Through this, you will eat less and you’ll enjoy your food more.

Taking half meal habit

Determined to lose weight! Half the meal you take usually. Take only half of your meal and share or take the rest half of it later.

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Munching habit

Do you take fruits? If not, start taking fruits apart from your three usual meals. It would be better for you to take an apple in the morning and other fruits after lunch and dinner. Rich in fibre, taking apples help you feel light and stay full all the day.

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Moving habit

You need to be physically active if you are determined to lose weight. Take any exercise or sport and practice it for 20-30 minutes daily. If you can’t play a game/sport or take the exercise of high intensity, go for a brisk morning walk for at least 30 minutes daily.

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