Andaman, the group of islands in the Indian Ocean, has also a great place in the tourism of India. You have to pack in some action in order to experience the breezy beaches and the aqua marine sea of Andamans having a lot of options for you the tourists. Go through the top three attractions and make the same as a part of your tour to Andaman.

1. Cellular Jail National Memorial

Your Andaman tour having the Cellular Jail National Memorial included will offer the opportunity to know to know the history of India’s colonial rule at Port Blair. Being there you can’t forget visiting this former jail known as kala pani (black water). It is the place where several freedom fighters of India were kept and thereafter killed. You will have the experience of political prisoners through a moving light & sound show which held normally Monday to Wednesday.

2. Wandoor & Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

You can ask your travel agent to include the Wandoor & Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Andaman tour. It will give you feel adventure amid the privacy for romance. Just 30 kms away from Port Blair, this hot spot for a base for Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and exotic marine sightings offers an opportunity to have boat ride, diving, snorkeling. The time between October and May is the best for tour as the park is open for public during that period.

3. Anthropological Museum

You can’t miss visiting the Anthropological Museum in your Andaman toureven if anthropology is not a choice of your holiday. The exhibits you will come across with might be a little dusty and old but you will have a great approach to the native cultures of this island. If you have a little knowledge Jarawas (the tribal inhabitants) you will have exciting feeling after seeing them in your way to Diglipur. Further, you know the cultures of other tribes.

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