If you look for happiness, be yourself and call your old friend to dinner or smile at the travellers passing by you. According to a recent study, the people having outgoing and social behaviour are happier in most of cultures. In the study, the people who reported to act or feel extroverted and to have more positive emotions were happy.

Timothy Church, a professor of counselling psychology at Washington State University, explains, “We are not the first to show that being more extroverted in daily behaviour can lead to more positive moods. However, we are probably the first to extend this finding to a variety of cultures.”

In the research, the people in eight different countries including Australia, Malaysia and Mexico were studied. A “Big Five” (agreeableness, conscientiousness, extroversion, neuroticism and openness) was the personality attribute included by the researchers in the study.

So, be a social and outgoing person with positive trait to bring happiness in your life.

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