Milk is a very useful liquid for us. We use it to drink, prepare tea or coffee and make sweets & other dairy products including curd. When it is fresh and nutritious, our prepared milk items taste great and are healthier for us. Therefore, most of us look for fresh and nutritious milk. You can have query how to find it is adulterated or not. Here are some simple, but effective steps for your support:

  • Sniff it to identify adulterated milk. If the milk is odor or taste bad, it is adulterated one. You can easily find out it is synthetic milk, as it smells and tastes bad.
  • Taste it to find out it is sweet or not. We all know that pure milk is naturally sweet. If the milk you have kept in the fridge tastes sour or bitter, t is adulterated or stale.
  • Place a drop of milk on any surface to find out it is pure or not. If the milk dropped at the floor leaves a trail behind, it means that the milk is not pure.
  • Take 5 ml of milk in a small pot and add two tablespoons of salt into it. If the mixture is turned into blue, the milk is adulterated.
  • Mix a half tablespoon of soyabean powder and milk together. Shake this mixture well. Dip litmus paper into the mixture for 30 seconds. If the color is changed from red to blue, the milk has urea.

By Amit Kumar

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  1. Really, the tips to know the milk is pure, stale or adulterated are very simple. I hope you will find the post useful to identify adulterated milk.

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