You know that the wrong combination of foods can make you feel upset and bloated. Making the right pair of foods works well. According to a saying, ‘you are, not what you eat, but what you digest’. Recent studies have proven the pairing of power foods brings out the best, gives you an energy boost, induces weight loss and improves overall health. At Stay Young, we have come up with four food pairings in our series of foods for stay young.

Lemon and spinach leaves

Dark green spinach leaves have cancer fighting vitamins and minerals like zinc plus, niacin, lutein, iron, folate and vitamins A, C and K. It helps you to have a healthy and strong cardiovascular system. Drizzle lemon juice (enriched in Vitamin C) over your spinach leaves in order to attain its iron rich content. It will cleanse your intestinal tract.

Olive oil and tomatoes

Tomatoes are known as the major source of beta-carotene, which enhances your immunity. Olive oil drizzled over the tomatoes supports your body to absorb the tomato’s antioxidants carotenoids and lycopene. Start taking this pair of foods to lower your aging.

Broccoli and fish

Broccoli has sulforaphane and fish such as mackerel have a cancer fighting mineral known as selenium. Making a pair of broccoli and fish increases your chance ten times to slow down cancer cell growth.

Strawberries and yogurt

Yogurt is enriched with calcium that is helpful for your bones. In addition, it has vitamin B 12. According a few recent studies, yogurt can prevent you from getting a victim of high blood pressure and its potassium helps to flush the excess sodium out from your body. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C that improves your immune system. Keeping both foods together will work wonder for your body. Start taking this pair of foods every morning for an energy fix.

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