Sleeping is very good for the body as lack of adequate sleep can affect the body in so many ways. This is why it has been recommended by doctors that one should always have adequate sleep. Though it is highly beneficial for one to sleep, one should not sleep for too long as it can prevent one from being involved in certain activities. There are some people that would love to be involved in a particular activity but are unable to do so because they had slept for too long and woke up late. Hence, these kinds of people seek for healthy means of reducing their sleep quota. To reduce sleep quota, these healthy tips should be followed:

1. Do not battle with life
It has been said that the body needs rest and not sleep. To some people, sleep is the deepest means of restfulness. However, this is quite wrong as the body does not need sleep but restfulness. If one does not have a restful night, it would tell in the morning as things would be quite rough and bad. Hence, it is not about sleep but rest. If one relaxes his body for a whole day by exercising, working or doing any other activity, his sleep quota would be reduced naturally. The problem that right from the onset, people have been taught to do things hard. This ends up making them extremely tired and down. One should take life with ease as everything does not need to be treated with stiffness or rigidity. One should learn not battle with life; instead, he should keep himself fit. One can get involved in things like games, swimming and other things that he likes. When begins to find relaxation in the things he does, his sleep quota would reduce.

2. Consuming natural foods
When one begins to notice that he is sleeping for long hours, he should take notice of the food he is consuming. For one to have a wonderful wellbeing, he should try as much as to consume a sizeable amount of vegetarian meals. The vegetarian meals that would be perfect are the ones that are natural and uncooked. When food is cooked, a large amount of life and energy in the food is killed. This is a reason why one would experience lethargy.

3. Foods that are cooked should be eaten on time
According to the Indian culture, meals that are cooked should be consumed at most 2 hours after they have been cooked. It is believed that when food is not eaten in time, one’s sleeping quota would increase. This is also applicable to canned food as it is believed that the consumption of canned food results into the increase in the sleep quota of a person.

4. Do not sleep immediately after eating
It is not good for one to sleep immediately after eating. There are some people that cannot sleep at night till they already have a full stomach. To such people, their sleep quota would be high as enough time is meant to be given for the food in the stomach to digest. It is believed that 80% of the food eaten wastes when a person sleeps within 2 hours of eating.


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