Most of the people living in metros today suffer from low energy states. Perhaps one reason for this is that they are highly stressed. Today, maintaining relationships between parent-child, husband-wife and dealing with people has become far more complex than ever before. When you go through a mentally exhausting day, you get physically tired. Besides, one can not always control the quality of air that you breathe in, the noise pollution that you are subjected to, and the emotional climate that you live in. All these factors further deplete your energy reserves. But, you can definitely control what you select to put into your mouth. The good news is that your diet can minimize and erase the damaging effects of the above to a large extent.

Begin with sprouts:

Most of you may think of sprouts as only mung bean sprouts. But you can sprout just about any whole grain. To give you some examples, you can sprout whole Wheat, kabuli channa, black channa, motht, makti, whole masoor, green peas, jowar, bajra, soya beans, sunflower seeds, alfalfa seeds etc. Sprouts are just about the best alkalizing food you can eat. Alkalizing foods are beneficial because stress, pollution, eating out etc gives rise to acidosis, which precipitates disease conditions and low energy levels. Sprouts are ‘live foods’ and they can transfer this life energy to you. They are packed with enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber. As you sprout the grains their proteins are predigested into amino acids, which can be better utilized by the body. Seeds are said to be the spark of life as they contain all the genetic material required for the growth of the full plant. They are life generating and therefore high energy foods.
Drink up your vegetables:

When you juice the vegetables, you do lose the fiber, but you receive a higher concentration of alkalizing mineral salts, chlorophyll (the green coloring matter in plants) and enzymes and this is exactly what your acidic body needs. Juicing vegetables helps remove toxins from your body and nourishes every cell. It improves oxygenation to the tissues and improves energy levels.

Juices from green vegetables are highly alkalizing. Besides, drinking these in the raw form provides your body with a whole lot of known and unknown health giving phytochemicals like anthocyanosides. sulforaphane. resveratrol, catech ins etc. These phytochetnicals have powerful anticancer properties. They help delay the aging process and energize your system. You can extract juices dudhi, carrots, tomatoes, wheat grass, mint, coriander. You can also combine these vegetables to improve taste. For example, tomato and carrot juice taste good with black salt and lime juice added.

Soyamilk – The Bone Tonic:

The benefits of soya are diverse. It can benefit everyone right from the school going child to the menopausal woman to the man suffering from diabetes and heart disease. Soyamilk is commonly used in China and Japan for infant malnutrition. It is a significant source of protein and calcium. It contains essential fats, which are beneficial for the development of the brain. Evidence for the medical benefits of soya comes from observing the Japanese women when menopause complaints such as hot flashes, joint pains, dryness, osteoporosis ane much less prevalent, than in western women. Soya milk is available in a few outlets as flavored milk or plain milk in tetra-packs. It is especially beneficial for vegetarians who consume very little proteins.

My modest hope is that these natural tonics would help you get through your stressful day. All this in my opinion is easy to find and easy to follow and most importantly – It works.

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