Our mood keeps changing. We are in a good mood in the morning, but our mood turns bad in the evening due to work in the office, no profit in daily sales or several other reasons. As we are dedicated to give you tips to stay fit so, we have come up with 4 yoga poses in our series of fitness exercise tips. We hope that these 4 yoga poses will help you to beat your bad mood.

Wheel pose

Are you in a bad mood? If yes, take deep breath to bring in enough oxygen to your body. This yoga pose includes bending backwards that will energize you. Bend your knees after lying flat on the floor. Take your palms to the floor and keep them beneath your head. Lift your upper and lower body by putting pressure on your palms and feet so that a semi-circular wheel can be formed.


Taking this yoga pose enables you to enhance the blood flow in your head. To perform this, you need to lie down on your stomach and keep your elbows next to your head from touching the floor. Gradually curl up and lift your feet and back off the floor. Transfer your weight to your crown and elbows till you come to at the right angles to the floor. You can take the support of the wall for the balance.

Crow pose

Practicing this yoga pose can help you break your pattern of negativity and build confidence in yourself. Bend in a frog pose and thereafter move forward by keeping your palms on the ground. Keep your knees on the back of your upper arms take your feet off the ground. Shift pressure on your palms.

Forward bend

This yoga pose can make you feel relaxed by stretching your body muscles. To perform this pose, stand up and keep your feet apart. Take your arms over your head while inhaling. Exhale while you bend forward from your hips. Bend a little more at your knees and try to touch your heels with your palms.

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