You know an average adult person farts 12 times a day and emits around half a liter gas. Keep in mind that it is better for the stuck air be out. When you take exercises, certain body poses make you to fart during your workout. Here at Stay Yong & Healthy, I have come up with 5 reasons why you fart during the workout and how to get rid of it:

  1. Heavy breathing is a reason for your fart during your workout. The air can get stuck in your digestive tract and released through the anus when you deep breathe during your workout sessions, This makes you rip one.
  2. You know that the exercise has a great impact on your body processes, including the digestive one. The exercises that enable you to push your core muscles will press your colon that makes you push out air.
  3. The third reason why you fart during your workout is that you had gas-producing foods before your workout. Foods like potatoes, wheat, wafers, corn, legumes, fried foods, kidney beans, chickpeas, onion, garlic and carbonated drinks can leave you feeling like a gassy mess. Stop taking these foods for your pre-workout meals.
  4. If your fart doesn’t smell bad, it may not be a public annoyance. Certain foods like cauliflower, radish, dairy products, pork, beef and beer can make your fart smell bad. Do not take these before your workout.
  5. Believe that farting is very normal. It is totally fine to rip one. Holding the fart can cause cramps and bloating and we are better off without it. You can say ‘excuse me’ or nothing at all. Let the fart pass or ignore it when others around you are farting.

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