Are you in dilemma what to include or what not to include in your Kerala tour? If yes, don’t worry so much as this write up has mentioned 5 parks that are home of plants, birds and wild animals. Visiting wildlife sanctuary, you will enhance your knowledge of plants, mammals, birds etc while enjoying your holiday in Kerala.

Silent Valley National Park

Include this park in your Kerala tour if you are really eager to have a deep knowledge about wildlife along with plants & trees. Located in the northeastern Palakkad, Silent Valley National Park is spread over an area of 90 square kilometers land. It is surrounded by steep escarpments and high & continuous ridges. As an ecological island having unique micro climate, the park offers you the opportunity to have a glimpse of more than 1000 species of flower plants including around 110 orchid species. It has more than 34 mammal species, around 200 types of butterflies, 128 kinds of beetles, 400 moth species and 150 species of birds.

Eravikulam National Park

Spread over an area of 97 square kilometers land, this park is known for gently sloping grasslands. Visiting the Eravikulam National Park, you will have knowledge about 26 specifies of different mammals along with 19 amphibian species. This garden is home of Niligiri marten, Nilgiri Tahr, small clawed otter, the ruddy mongoose, wild dogs, the dusky striped squirrel and predators such as the tiger and leopard.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Park

Based in Western Ghats, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is in Idukki district and is the habitat of Grizzled Giant Squirrel. Known as a storehouse of medicinal plants and a home of varied wild animals, it draws the attention of several tourists. Visiting the park, you will have opportunity to see spotted deer, elephants, hanuman langur, sambar and even peacocks.

Periyar National Park

Well known as a tiger and elephant reserve, the Periyar National Park has its own importance in Kerala tourism. It attracts a large number of local as well as foreign tourists. As a protected area of Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts, the park is home of several animals including the Gaur, wild pig, mouse deer, Sambar, barking deer, the occasional tiger and Dole or Indian wild dog along with birds like darters, the great Malabar hornbill, cormorants, kingfisher and racket-tailed drongo.

Kodanad Park

Kodanad has a charming sobriquet, an ‘elephant’s orphanage.’ Tourists from all over the world include this park in their Kerala tour to get a glance of the elephants. In your to this park, you can swim in the river which is a refreshing experience that you must not want to miss. But it’s surprising to know that it’s not only the tourists who come to enjoy Kodanad.

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