Malaysia is very popular for its several striking islands along with stunning beaches, diverse cultures and tropical rainforests. You will have some captivating islands from tropical paradise Perhentian to the diving hotspot Sipadan to visit during your Malaysia tour.

Perhentian Islands – Known as tropical paradise, Perhentians are a group of coral-fringed and beautiful islands based in the north-eastern Malaysia. Its crystal clear waters and white sand encourage the tourists to include in their Malaysia tour. The white sand of the Perhentian Islands has footmarks of holidaying tourists during the day. At here the beaches come alive with kerosene lamps and bonfires as the sun sets.

Tioman Islands – The presence of vertical green peaks, colorful hibiscus flowers and turquoise waters at the Tioman Islands makes it able to attract tourists from all corners of the world. As a tourist, you will have opportunity to go deep in nature lap amid lush rainforests, enjoy holiday at warm beaches and know the authentic & friendly village life. The islands got name in the Time Magazine in 1970s. Here you will see colorful exotic fish & beautiful coral reefs and can participate in sports like diving and snorkeling.

Sipadan Island – The Sipadan Island, based in the Celebes Sea, is included in Malaysia tour by the diving lovers. In addition to powdery soft sand and crystal clear waters, the island is also known for environmental reserve having stunning display of marine life. You can catch leaf scorpions, glimpses of turtles, hammer-head sharks, mantis shrimps and corals. You can walk the entire island on foot within 25 minutes.

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