Are you tired of the dull skin you have? Do you want to make your skin glow so that people can notice you? Do not worry, as here is a list of six effective ways to make your skin glow:

1. Go Green

To make your skin glow, start with your diet. Ensure that the breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper you take is a balanced diet. Include leafy green vegetables like spinach and cabbage in your diet. In addition, take fruits in the morning.

2. Hydrate

Hydrate your body well! Pure and fresh water is the healthiest drink for a healthy body and skin. Sip water throughout the day.

3.Nourish your skin

Your skin needs to be nourished. Use a good face wash to wash your face in the morning. Use a night cream as per your body type before going to bed. Never forget to cleanse your skin if you go to bed after 2:00 am. Nourishing helps you to make your skin glow.

4. Use the best moisturizer

To moisturize your skin, you can use almond oil if your skin is a normal one. Otherwise, use baby oil if you have an oily skin. Baby oil is the best moisturizer for the oily skin.

5. Have a sunbathe

Having a sunbathe also helps you in getting a glowing skin. You need to take a little care of your skin before going to have a sunbathe. Use an SPF on your face and other body parts so that your body can easily absorb vitamin D when you are in the sun. the SPF will support you against skin cancer, wrinkles, pigmentation, and other skin related problems that occur due to UV rays.

6. Shower your way

The shower that you have daily needs some changes. You should use mild soap and essential oils that have glycerine, petroleum jelly, or mineral while having a shower. The use of mild soap and oils hydrates your skin and makes it glow.

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