Suddenly eggs have become a taboo even after the slogan “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande” (take an egg a day whether it is Sunday or Monday). Most of you think that taking eggs is unhealthy as they are laden with cholesterol. Here are clear answers to the fascinating doubts about taking an egg a day:

Can taking eggs enhance cholesterol level in the old?

You know we need 300 mg cholesterol daily while the one egg yolk has only 221 mg of cholesterol. The recent researchers have recommended that an adult should take 3 whole eggs in a week as one whole egg has several important nutrients and micronutrients for anti-ageing impact and cell regeneration. It is a misconception that taking an egg is unhealthy and can increase cholesterol level.

How many eggs should you (an adult) take a day?

According to a dietitian, an adult requires .8 to 1.0 grams protein per kilogram of body weight. And a medium-sized egg provides around 6.6 grams protein. Your healthy diet that includes milk, dals, milk products and legumes provides you 35-40 gm protein daily. It means it becomes clear here an egg a day will provide you with enough nutrients to your healthy diet. Proteins with vital nutrients contribute to good nutrition in a healthy adult. So, you should take only one whole egg a day.

Health benefits of taking an egg a day

The egg is the best source of superior quality protein food. Apart from protein and amino acid, it has fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. If consumed in a moderate way, the egg acts an aid in your weight loss. It’s micronutrients like Zn and B-Complex help to boost your immune system. Further, the eggs are known as one of the best sources of vitamin D and chlorine.

Vegetarian equivalent of eggs

Milk and milk products having 150 ml of milk and dal, soya bean, etc. can be taken as the vegetarian equivalent to eggs. But as per my knowledge and research conducted on the Internet, there is no vegetarian food item that could have high biological proteins as eggs.

Best time to take eggs

You can eat eggs any time as per your choice. But if you want to maximize the benefit of nutrition and calorie, take an egg or 3 egg whites for your breakfast or dinner.

Are the farm eggs really healthy?

Keep in mind that there is nothing like desi eggs or farm eggs. With no antibiotics and hormones, all eggs are healthy.

How to identify a healthy or an unhealthy egg?

A healthy egg has thicker & darker yolk and dense egg whites.

Which is better – a brown or white egg?

Whether the egg is white or brown, there is no difference in nutritional value. There could be a difference in taste and colours as the different breeds of hens lay different coloured eggs.

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