Are you worried about your hairstyle? Do you need a help on how to make your hairstyle look better? If yes, you are the right place.

Not only a woman but also a man needs to style his hair to look better. As a boy or man, you need to pay extra attention and care to your hair. You should take utmost care of both your scalp and hair. Here are some useful ways for your support:

1. Avoid washing your hair daily

Your hair and scalp can strip away natural oil if you do over-shampoo your hair. With the oil on your strands, your hair stays hydrated. By washing your hair with shampoo or soap, you will make your hair lose its natural look, causing dryness. You should shampoo your hair on an alternate day to stay away from any hair related issue.

2. Use naturally formulated shampoo on your hair

Usually, shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can cause the loss of natural oil from your scalp and hair. Select the shampoo which is naturally formulated and is free from paraben and sulphate. Ensure that the shampoo you are going to apply on your hair matches with your hair type. 

3. Always apply conditioner

On weekdays, all of us love saving time while having showers. Apply a dab of conditioner can work wonder. It helps your hair stay moisturised and hydrated. Also, it softens your hair.

4. Apply hair oil for extra care

You should oil your hair at least once a week. It will help your hair to seal the moisture it has. You must do oiling if you have curly hair. Apply the hair oil, which is lightweight, such as almond oil or argan oil. This oil will help your hair having a healthy look.

5. Apply towel gently to dry your hair

Most of us use a towel aggressively on our hair to dry it. You know it can lead you to have damage and hair fall. Instead, you should apply the towel gently for drying your hair. With such a method, you can maintain your hair health.

6. Do scalp massage while apply shampoo on your hair    

For protection against dandruff and hair damage, you need to massage your scalp while shampooing your hair. Taking care of the scalp is crucial. Take a dab of your favourite shampoo to apply on your scalp and hair. Use your fingers to have a gentle pressure on your scalp while shampooing your hair. 

By Amit Kumar

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