Often you hear phrases like “Be happy while you are still young”. But, time passes and you realize that you are no longer young. At that point you wish time comes back. There is no reason why you should not be young at old age .Read the following facts and advice how to stay young forever. When it comes to what to do first, there are three general things you should concentrate on: body, skin and mind.

Body care

Follow these simple tips on how to keep your body young:

Get enough sleep and rest

Everyone needs that unavoidable beauty sleep, which gives us the energy to go through the day. But, it’s more like a healthy sleep than a beauty sleep. By allowing yourself enough sleep and rest, you keep your immune system and you will not be sick very often. Quality sleep cleans the brain of toxins. That is why we wake up so fresh and energized in the morning. This counts especially for the elder. Studies have shown that poor sleep may be linked to increased buildup of beta-amyloid plagues in the brains of older adults, which is a sign of Alzheimer disease. So, go on, get some sleep.

Consume omega- 3 fatty acids

In another way they are called “good” fats. They can be found in salmon, walnuts and seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids help stabilize your mood and maintain bone strength. They make us energized by boosting the ability of the body’s enzymes to pull our stored fat and transfer it into energy. If you are not taking them enough take them by pill.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

It is very important what you eat and how much you eat. Most people prefer three big meals a day. But, it sure is better to eat more often in smaller amounts. Take five to six smaller meals a day and eat healthy food. This means vegetables and fruits. Latest studies show that some fruits have greater effect on your health than others. For example, pomegranate juice lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, helps delay atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease. It also prevents from cancer progression. Another best fruit choice is goji berry. Goji berry contains 500 times more vitamin C than an orange and more iron than spinach. It is a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Include lots of vegetables in your meals, especially orange and yellow- ones, because they contain beta carotene. Beta carotene helps you stay young and healthy. It also converts into vitamin A, which maintains your skin young and your eyes working.

Drink red wine and green tea

Researches are working lately to recover the importance of resveratrol, substance found in the red wine. A new animal study from Johns Hopkins University suggested that red wine can diminish brain damage caused by stroke as much as 40 percent. And research released last year showed that grape-seed procyanidins, found in red wine, helps reduce arterial clogging, resulting in lower blood-cholesterol levels and a reduction in deaths from heart disease. Green tea reduces the risk of breast cancer and prevents remissions. It is an amazing compound that blocks the progression of cancer, and accelerates your metabolism, which has positive influence on your weight maintenance.

Some kind of physical activity

Lift yourself off your sofa. Exercise is another important factor that helps you stay young forever. Take a walk, ride your bike, use the stairs instead of the elevator, clean your house. This is for those who are not interested in more serious activities. If you want to exercise in the gym, it is best if you hire a trainer. He will analyze your condition and select the best workout for you. Exercise can also help you think clearly.

Have a hobby

Having a hobby is important because you fill your free time with something you love to do. It depends of your interests. You can read a book, paint, knit, write something, join your club of interests or just simple babysit your grandchildren. Hobbies are important for older people because they are their way to feel independent and important .If they help during the day, they can relax during their free time doing something they enjoy.

Don’t smoke

It surely is better not to smoke. So if you don’t smoke is great, but if you do- quit! It has a great negative impact on your health. As first, your lungs suffer and you increase the risk of cancer. Your heart suffers suffocation with every inhale of cigarette smoke. Smoking wrinkles the skin and turns both your nails and teeth yellow. The smell is terrible and your love ones might complain and avoid you.

Make love

Love is the most important thing in life that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. Love passion is a powerful drug that makes you love life, boosts your self- esteem, fuels the immune system and improves cardiovascular health. Especially that means for passion in bed. Loving touches release hormones, including oxytocin, that reduce stress and anxiety. So rekindle the love with your partner, spouse, lover .Feel the love that makes your life easier.

Skin care

Care for your skin to stay young just by following these simple steps:

Clean your skin

Skin shows the signs of aging more than any other body part. That is why you should take care of it properly. You should clean your skin on regularly bases. By that you remove make up, oils, micro-particles and grime. This step prepares your skin for healing and regenerative steps that come next.

Take vitamin C

Latest studies show that women over 40 which include more vitamin C in their diet are less likely to develop wrinkles than those who consume lower levels. Vitamin C is crucial to the ­formation of collagen – without it amino acids can’t be linked to form the protein. Best sources for vitamin C are red pepper, dark green leafy veg like broccoli and sprouts, tomatoes, oranges and kiwi fruit. Include them in your daily food intake and you will get instant results.


Supplements are a big part of the skin care. Make sure they are with high quality and they contain retinol. Retinol reduces aging signs like pigments and also makes the texture of the skin smooth. Also very important is to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing is important for the skin elasticity. You can do that from the inside simply by drinking enough water. And for extra results apply moisturizer before going to bed.

Take measures against the sun

Staying in the sun is good for your health. But it is bad for your skin because sun rays can damage the skin by hastening collagen loss. That is why you should put on sunscreen on when you go out. In another way you can build up your antioxidant levels and your levels of vitamin A, C, D and E. Eat lots of brightly colored fruits and vegetables for more vitamins.

Facial exercise

Exercise is good for your health in general. But latest studies have shown that by doing your regular facial gymnastics you increase the possibility of not having wrinkles. Facial exercise includes exercise for all face areas- eyes, mouth, eyebrows, cheeks and chin. Look for them on the internet for proper application. By doing it your face skin becomes more elastic, smoother and fresh. It tightens the facial muscles and straightens the wrinkles.

Mental care

Less stress

Stress is surely most common everyday problem. It is the foundation of many diseases. That is why we should learn how to manage stress especially at older age. Bring mindfulness practices to your daily activities. Learn some relaxing activity to deal with stress. There are many things mind. Try yoga, for example.

Mental aerobics

Studies show that the more you get educated the longer you’ll live. This means do your mental aerobics. It includes activities like learning foreign languages, doing puzzles, cross word, reading a book, going to your club. Doing difficult activities makes your brain work harder and active.

Be socially active

Many people feel younger if there are surrounded with people they love. You will feel the youth energy if you quit isolation. In that order make scheduled dinners and meetings with your love ones. Enjoy being at your favorite club. Help someone by making him company.

Avoid people with negative energy

The feeling of being young includes positive thinking. There are people who always complain and judge others. That is how they get in the way of everyday joy of life. Avoid those people. They are full of negative energy. By meeting them you will just ruin your day. Instead make friends with people who love life and everything it brings. Those are people with strong personalities. They practice positive thinking and there are a lot of things you can learn from them.

Start your mornings with positive thoughts

People usually say the morning is smarter than the evening. That is one big truth. When you wake up in the morning you are fresh and rest. Make yourself a plan for the beginning of the day and stick to it. Don’t let meaningful thoughts get in your way. When you have time, think of some inspiring quotes you can say to yourself in the morning. Make sure that they have positive energy and everything will be much easier.

Travel whenever you are able

Sometimes you make change in life and go to some other places. You visit relatives or travel to unknown places. That is good for your mental health and your better mood. Arrange travels with your friends and family. Visit unknown places and discover new things. That is the way to feel young with body and mind. Take pictures and buy souvenirs. When you’ll get home you will still feel the influence of that experience. Plus, you will have what to tell your grandchildren .And make new friends who will visit you back.


The more you know about how your body works, the better it can function. This is why we have compiled a list of some important facts on health and aging to help keep you informed as well as entertained! To maintain optimal health, try these simple steps every day.

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