You need sufficient calcium to strengthen your bones and vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium. Poor bone health can cause conditions such as rickets and osteoporosis and increase the risk of breaking a bone from a fall later in life. You want to live a healthy life which is not the case in today’s fast life. People are living on all kinds of junk food. This is not something you would want. Now lets us look at some very good ways of doing things and keeping your bones strong.

Here is a list of top 9 foods for strong bones.


Salmon has an array of health advantages from their omega-3s to their bone building nutrients as calcium and vitamin d. This is great source of natural vitamins and can give very good effect on our body. You always want to have a health which you do not need to worry about and this is one thing that can get you there.


Many are surprised to discover that dark leafy vegetables are an excellent calcium source. These are very important for good health and can help you keep in good shape. There are lots of people having this regularly as they now how important this is. It is something that everyone should take every day in their diet and this will help them go a long way.

Sesame Seeds

Nuts and seeds are definite any house hold house. They all have magnesium and other nutrients that keep the bones healthy. These are very easily available and you and have them at will and that is the best part about it. Also have very good health reasons.


Its Asian soybean is packed with 197mg calcium in just half a cup. You can find edamame fresh or frozen at most grocery stores. Since getting them is not tough and they are not very expensive and hence it is pocket friendly and that help a great deal.

Calcium-fortified Cereal

Choose a calcium fortified cereal that is high in fibre and almost sugar-free, and then add some milk. This is something very good and you can have it regularly it has lots of nutritional properties and can help you reach a health level in a very good way.


Yogurt offers 400mg of calcium in just a 227-grams serving. Choose fat-free yogurt for a satisfying and healthy snack. This is something which people will love to eat and enjoy with their daily diet.


Milk is one of the ideal sources of calcium. Select skimmed or fat-free milk to keep your calorie level in control. It also contains other fortified nutrients such as vitamin D, which are essential for bone development.

Soy milk

Soy milk is the best source of calcium. The calcium in soy milk is quickly taken in by the bones.


Sardines have a very high degree of Vitamin D and calcium- both of which play a critical role in bone development.

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