You know our hairstyle tells a lot about us. The way of styling your hair sometimes can make you look older. Yes, styling the hair makes many differences. Here are four hair mistakes that can make you look older:

  1. Centre Parting

Most of you (girls and women) part your hair from the centre. Centre parting for a longer period can add years to your age. To stay young in look, you must avoid centre parting and try a side or deep side parting instead.

  1. Super-sleek Ponytail

Avoid a too high and tight ponytail when it comes to sporting a ponytail. Instead of it, you can go for a loose ponytail. In addition, you should avoid centre parting ponytails.

  1. Straight Hair

Many times, we make our hair straight too much. Straitening hair can make you look older. Avoid styling your hair in this way to stay young. Instead of it, you can go for the one with a little bit of volume on the top and waves or curls towards the end.

  1. High Top Knots

Just like a ponytail, a high top knot can make you look older. Try a braided top not or go for a loose one instead of a high top knot.

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