Most of us bother from mosquitoes. These deadliest insects disturb us throughout the year, but they are more troublesome in from March to November. Sometimes it becomes hard for us to sit in the garden or even inside our home. Before I go ahead in mentioning the brief information on the plants that repel mosquitoes, I want to let you have a close eye on the facts on mosquitoes. The facts are as follows:

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to the heads due to the presence of carbon dioxide.
  • They are the deadliest animals on earth, as they cause more deaths in comparison with tigers, snakes, spiders and sharks.
  • It is the spit, on your skin, that is itchy.
  • They consume blood twice than their body weight.
  • Your genes make you appealing to mosquitoes.

I know all of you want to escape from the bite of the mosquitoes. You use a net, coils (All Out), refills (Goodnight), etc to get rid of the deadliest insects. It is clear that you do not keep yourself under the net and sometimes the coils & refills don’t work to make the mosquitoes flee away. You can ask what to do now. I have come up with the brief descriptions of the seven plants that repel mosquitoes naturally from your home. Try to plant at least one plant in your resident complex. The plants are:


marigold repel mosquitos

Pyrethrum is a very useful compound in repelling many insects. Marigolds contain it. You can plant marigolds to make a great border in your garden or around your living space. With the plantation, you can get rid of aphids along with mosquitoes. You can easily take care of marigold plants.


Citronell repel mosquitoes

The plant is very fragment and the fragrance is in its foliage. You know the aroma is very pleasant when you crush and rub the leaf onto your skin. It is its fragrance, which repels the mosquitoes. You can grow this plant in a bottle placed inside your living room or bedroom.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm repel mosquitoes

The leaves of this plant have a fragrance of lemon with a hint of mint. This plant attracts bees and butterflies and it forces the mosquitoes to stay away from the area. You can apply the juice of this plant’s leaves on the exposed skin area if you have biting experience of mosquitoes.


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You can grow Basil for both purposes – vegetable and mosquitoes repellent. This plant emits the aroma that makes mosquitoes stay away from your home. Grow Basil plants in pots and place the same on windows or around living area to have control over this deadliest insect.


Catnip repel mosquitoes

This plant contains a natural chemical called as nepetalactone. It is a feline attractant and a very useful insect repellent. According to the report of 222nd American Chemical Society meeting, this plant is 10 times more effective in comparison with DEET.



The pleasant smell of Lavender is offensive for the mosquitoes. With its fabulous scent, the plant helps us to get rid of the mosquitoes and to have a relaxing & calming sensation. I am sure that planting Lavender enables you sit in your garden or home without any worries.



Minty clean scent is better than the awful chemical smell. Serving as a natural insecticide, this plant keeps you safe and protected from mosquitoes. In a research published in Malaria Journal, the solution of water and peppermint oil kills all the mosquito larvae.

By Amit Kumar

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