Women are always beautiful when they are young and still in their prime. However, as time goes by, they begin to get older and their skin begins to grow old. During this period, the beauty of these women begins to fade as their skin begins to get wrinkled. To most ladies, this is their worst nightmare as they can imagine not being the beauty queen they once were. To avoid ageing quickly, women make use of different means to stay looking young and have a fresh skin. Nature cannot be cheated, however, it can be controlled. To feel and look young, women have inculcated various habits. These habits could be in terms of partaking or abstaining from a particular activity. To stay looking young, women have to:

1. Grease their body

To stay looking young, women have to regularly grease their body. This involves making use of products like Vaseline, body oil etc. to keep the body and face smooth. When the body is dry, it is bound to age quickly. However, when the body is greased, the skin stays fresh and the whole ageing process is slowed down. Most women that still look young make sure they grease their body regularly.

2. Exfoliate the skin:

To stay looking young, women always have to exfoliate their skins. Exfoliating the skin would slow down the ageing process. There are various means by which women can exfoliate their skin. Women can make use of a brush to scrub the entire body.

3. Exercise regularly:

To stay looking young, women have to exercise regularly. Basically, an exercise is good for the body, as it keeps the body healthy. Furthermore, it helps the body and skin keep young. When a woman exercises regularly, she derives different benefits such as:

  • Improvement in the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the skin
  • Increase in the supply of collagen that helps to fight against free radicals that can damage the body
  • It aids weight loss. Fat women tend to look older compared to slim women. Hence, fat women can decide to lose some pounds by exercising regularly.
  • Stress less and lighten up: stress leads to wrinkles of the skin and generally makes the skin to wear out. When one relaxes well, she tends to prevent stress from making her look old. It also helps to prevent the skin from ageing fast. To lighten up, women are being advised to laugh regularly, be happy and enjoy life.

4. Quit smoking and drinking:

To feel and stay young, women are advised to quit smoking and drinking. Smoking has been discovered to wrinkle the skin. Furthermore, it turns the nails and teeth yellow. By quitting smoking and drinking, the ageing process can be slowed down.

5. Consuming more antioxidants:

Consuming antioxidant helps to prevent hasty ageing as it fights free radicals that speed up the ageing process. Most women that are looking young today ensure that antioxidants are included in their diets.

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