We live differently in different conditions and our mood gets changed as we face different situations. Some of the moments are for a short period and the time keeps changing. You know you get unhappy when the result or outcome doesn’t meet your expectations. Normally it happens that most of you expect more than reality in your life and the failure in getting the expected one makes you unhappy. In addition, your comfortable lifestyle leads you to have bad health and this causes to have an illness. Your illness makes you sad and unhappy.

You get unhappy due to some circumstances of life. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy again. You can get rid of your unhappiness and bring happiness to your life by resolving the problems that you face and taking care of your health. Here are few tips that can help you to get rid of your unhappy condition:

Take care of your health

Always keep in mind that health is wealth. With poor health, you can’t be happy. So, start taking care of your health from now. For this, you need to leave your comfortable lifestyle and be physically active. Take regular exercises. Go for a morning walk or running or jogging if you are unable to take the exercise of high intensity. Regular morning /evening walk or running can bring a significant change in your health.

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet is very important for you in order to have a sound health. Whether it is your breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner, it must contain all nutritional elements like Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamin and Minerals. Further, you should take your meal when you feel hunger.

Be positive

Positivity is a great thing. You should always be positive even the time isn’t in favour of you. Your positive thinking helps you bring happiness to your life as it keeps the negativity away from you and doesn’t let it come to you. Be positive and stay positive to get happy.

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Watch funny or light programs

You know you should keep yourself away from serious things to be happy. Watch light or funny programs on television. You know these funny programs make you laugh and this leads you to be happy.

Be close to your spouse, friends and family members

Being alone is the worst thing and it brings negativity in you. In free time, be socialise. Spend your time with your spouse, friends, colleagues and family members. And being socialised makes you be happy.

Earn money

Money is not everything, but it matters a lot to live a life. You should earn money in order to get happy. It is hard to mention how much money you should earn, but you should earn as much money that can help you in fulfilling the basic needs. You can have food, cloth, shelter, entertainment, etc. through that money.

Apart from the above, you should enjoy sexual life, should be extrovert and should do the things that can make you laugh and be happy.

By Amit Kumar

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