Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

I know you have your own make-up mantra to make you look attractive. However, most of you (women and girls) make mistakes in your make-up and your mistakes like a little blooper in the way of leaky eyeliner can ruin everything. Here are some makeup mistakes that you should avoid to look beautiful:

Overuse of face powder

Using face powder is essential as it smoothes pores and outlines on your face. But, its overuse makes you look too pale.

Skipping foundation

To make your makeup work for you, do not skip foundation. Apply it first and thereafter use concealer. The foundation helps you look refreshed and have a glow on your skin. Therefore, apply these tricks. First of all, choose the shade matched with your complexion. Take a little of it on your palm and apply the same on the centre of your face. Gently blend it outwards with a damp sponge.

Overdoing the blush powder

Blush can make or break your overall look. It can highlight contours, but you need to make it define your face gently. Avoid using too rose or pink shaded blush and use the simple one.

Contrasting concealer

You should always use the concealer matched with your face type. You should apply a lighter shade for under the eye area and concealer for cheeks and the rest of your face. Avoid applying too light concealer.

Wrong lighting

Be sure to do your make-up in the right lighting. Doing make-up in natural lighting works the best for your skin.

Stopping at the jawline

Most of you (females) blend the make-up till the jawline. Beauty experts advise you to do the makeup till the neck. You should blend your make-up downwards so that your neck can match your face area. You should not have different shades on your face and neck areas.

No focus on t-zone

Does your nose shine out in pictures? The oily t-zone can prevent the makeup looking great. To control the oil, use a mattifying primer to make the area shine.

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