There are very few people who take care of their skin and then age gracefully.It takes years of work to enjoy that kind of good skin.Regularity being the main focus point here, be it with beauty routines, sleep patterns, exercise, eating or drinking water.

Concentration on one’s diet is important, as there is a marked decrease in the functional activities of the body as you age.The process of digestion slows down so it is important that one maintains regular timing.Lunch can be taken by 12:30 pm, dinner can be eaten by 7:30-8 pm.

Go for a stroll before retiring into bed. After 40 it is best to see your doctors who will recommend dosage of meditation like iron supplements, B Complex, calcium, vitamin E and other supplements in your schedule.Also make sure you undergo a complete body check-up in order to get the right picture of your body condition brfore you take any medication.Focus more on correct eating habits to ensure right nutritional intake.Drink plenty of juices,buttermilk, soups that do not have fat.A short nap or 20 minutes gives a good glow to the skin and make one feel recharged for the next half of the day.

Greying of the hair is a constand problem.If you wish to colour your hair then hair colour of a good quality should be use.If you have 20-30 percent grey hairs, you can use mehendi ,but if it increases to more than that , it is best to switch over to hair colour. Mehendi,in fact, will dry and make your hair brittle over a period of time. So do hair packs.Ageing is something no one can stop,one can only retard it by a couple of years.So if you don’t mind,get a smart haircut and have the salt and pepper look.Use mild shampoos or colour seal shampoos if you are colouring your hair follow with a conditioner.

As you age the oil production in the scalp also decreases.Make it a habit to oil your hair before you shampoo.Heat the oil slightly so that it can nourish the scal.You can folllow with a hot towel treatment.Steaming,hair straightening ,perming ,hot irons ,dryers,hot rollers all are all very harsh treatments that should only be done if your hair is in good healthy condition.
Skin needs great care as well.Use a mixture of almond crushed to a fine powder,a little bit of saffron strands to which a few drops of rose water and raw milk has been added.You can apply this all over the body after a bath.Also use a good moisturiser which is made for dry skin.You must use a hand and body lotion all the year through to keep the skin supple.A daily massage with milk cream to which little drops of warm honey is added can be very helpful.

At night you can massage in baby oil after washing face.Or you can use anti-ageing serums that are widely available.Regular facials can be done once in 3 weeks. Most important is to have a good positive attitude that will give the face a tender look. Go in for yoga every day . Exercising is important but get yourself checked by an orthopedic discussing the kind of workout you plan to undertake. Lastly, keep track of your posture.Don’t slouch, keep your shoulders back your head high and above all the corners of your mouth turned up-Smiling.
(The above information is given in good faith.It is best if allergy tested are conducted before application of any mentioned ingredients. )

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