Winter is at its young stage, and the weather is chilled in the morning and at night. There is a rise in hospitalization related to heart problems. Dr Alok at Jeevak Heart Hospital says, “Because of cold weather, smog and pollutants settle on the ground lead chest infections & breathing problems. In winter, blood pressure rises, and coronary arteries shrink leading to lack of blood supply to the body. As sweating doesn’t occur, the extra water gets accumulated in the lungs leading to failure symptoms”. Therefore, it is clear here that you need to take care of your heart in winter. For your support, here are some tips:

  • Keep your workout continued on a regular basis if you the one with a weak heart. You can modify your timing to escape yourself from extreme weather conditions in winter.
  • Reduce the intake of water and salt because there is no loss of these two through sweating in winter.
  • Monitor your BP regularly. Get the right treatment if it is detected high.
  • Avoid having chest infections. Take proper vaccines for pneumonia and influenza before the onset of winter to avoid having infections in your chest.
  • Consult your physicians immediately when you observe the symptoms of infections. Follow your doctor’s advice and don’t skip your prescribed medications.

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