There is a saying that extreme in anything is bad. It applies exercising too. Start exercising is a challenge for many of you but taking a day off is the bigger challenge for some of you who have got addicted to it. Your body requires a good amount of rest.

You can draw a line between exercising and over exercising. We, at Stay Young, are here to help you to find your side so that you can stay fit and healthy. Have a look at the 4 signs that show you are on the side of over exercising.

Feeling more tired

Taking regular exercise helps you stay fit and keeps you energized to tackle the turns and twists of a very busy schedule. If you feel very tired all the day even after exercising, you need to reconsider and reschedule your exercising routine so that it can suit your body. In addition, if you are always bad-tempered it maybe that your body requires some rest.

Disorders in your sleep

If you don’t have sound sleep at night even after a very busy schedule or you feel sleepy during the day, then there are chances that you are doing over exercising.

Slow recovery

If you get injured and your body takes a lot of time than usual to recover from that injury, then there are chances you are on over exercising. Give the needed break to your body otherwise you can have bad results instead of having a healthy and toned body.

Hormonal imbalances

If you feel hormonal imbalances, it can be one of the side-effects of over exercising. Due to hormonal imbalances, you can fall sick often and your periods can become irregular. If it happens with you, you need to take a break and reschedule your daily workout routine.

It is important to take exercise on a daily basis to get a fit & healthy body. It is also important for you take enough rest and comprehend your body signals. By understanding your body, you will be able to have a control on your exercising and you will never go to the side of over exercising.

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