You know our bodies are a complex collection of various biological cycles and as a female (woman), you have always been a mystifying part of this complex cycle. At Stay Young Healthy, we have come up with 11 unusual and surprising facts and fun about your body that can make you surprised.

  1. Women’s heart beats faster than men’s.
  2. It can be sad for you, but it is true that the rate of fat burning in a female is slower than in the male. You burn only around 50 KCL a day.
  3. As a woman, you are more able to distinguish the cherry red and the Ruby one. Due to the direct connectivity of chromatic sensitivity to the X Chromosome, you are better in distinguishing the colours.
  4. You have a stronger immune system in comparison with a male.
  5. The diameter of your hair is smaller than men’s.
  6. You have sweeter teeth, as you have more sweet receptors on your tongue than men’s.
  7. Due to the presence of more nerve receptors, you feel more pain than men do.
  8. You can detect high frequency sounds better than men.
  9. Men cry 6 t0 17 times a year, but you cry 30 to 64 times a year.
  10. By birth, your sense of smell is better than men.
  11. Genetically, you are more flexible than men.

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