Top 5 Android Apps for Monitoring Your Health

Your health is definitely the most important aspect of your life. And at one point, no matter how lazy you feel, or how negligent you are towards your diet or workout, you realize that health is wealth and there is no value of any material wealth you possess, until and unless you are in the best of your health.

A healthy lifestyle can cause lower hospital bills, a good mood, a great body and mind – and above all, it can keep you away from negativity. And therefore, prudent people like to keep track of what they do to stay fit and healthy. Although there are various ways to track your progress, the kind of accuracy apps provide is simply unmatched.
These days, plenty of apps for monitoring your health are available for Android phones with the help of which an Android user can keep track of their fitness regime and in turn, their health. These apps help one monitor their heart rate, weight, blood pressure, sugar levels and much more. All one needs to do is install one of these available apps, and get started so that all the benefits these apps provide can be reaped.

If you haven’t come across any such app yet, here are top 5 picks to check out. These android apps are readily available for download and can help you monitor health efficiently. Take a look

1. Google Fit – This app has been out in the market for a while now and has been helping people ever since. You will be happy to know that this app is extremely easy to use. People who wear Smart Watches or fitness bands should definitely be using this app for best results in their workout journey. The app helps you set goals, give you statistics to analyze, and track your success. The best thing about this app is that it is free and one of the best choices for beginners. The app includes plenty of amazing features that you can benefit from. It can count the steps that you have taken on your daily jog, count the calories that you have burnt during your morning walk and can also calculate the distance that you have covered.

In order to start using the app, all you need is to install it from Google Play Store. After you have signed up, the app will ask you to add information about you. You will then need to enter your height, weight and your activity goal, manually into the app. After doing the same, you just need to start your workout schedule or your morning jog routine and the rest will be taken care of by the app unless you wish to start a new session.

2. Instant Heart Rate – If you are looking for an android app that helps track heart rate, this one is the perfect choice for you. The best thing about this app is that it is pretty simple to use and provides you with all the vital information you must be looking for. How to use it? Well, just put your finger on the rear camera, and place it there for some time. After a few seconds, the app will tell you about your heart rate. Isn’t it amazing to be able to keep a track of your heart rate with the help of an app? Well, why not! With this app on your android mobile phone, you can find out how normal or abnormal your heart rate is.

If you are sick and tired of inaccurate or slow health apps, then this will come as a relief. Instant Heart Rate is pretty fast to use and can track your heart rate within a small amount of time, somewhere around 10 seconds. Also, the app is pretty user-friendly and easy to understand as it offers results on a graphic interface. Above all, the app comes with a timeline of heart rate tracking, sharing and a chart. It’s a great app for people who don’t get time to go for a regular checkup and still like to keep their heart health on track.

3. Finger Blood Pressure – A lot of people are worried about their blood pressure level and it isn’t easy to go for a regular check up on a daily basis. This concern bothers those more whose blood pressure fluctuates frequently. For all of them and other health-conscious people, Android apps like Finger Blood Pressure come handy. Good news for people who are not too much into apps and technology- Finger Blood Pressure is extremely easy to use. After you have verified your gender, the app will tell you about different levels of blood pressures. These levels are mentioned to let you know what the normal blood pressure range is and how high or low a reading can be dangerous for you. After you have understood the details, you need to put your finger on the screen and the app will tell you what your body’s blood pressure level is.

4. MyFitnessPal – One of the biggest concerns people have about their health these days is weight, and how to keep it under control. People who like to go for a daily workout and who can completely avoid junk and unhealthy food are pretty rare. All others give in to their desires to binge on tasty oil clad junk food or to laze around. Such people should start using apps that can calculate the number of calories they take in through their daily diet. MyFitnessPal is one such app that can help people control weight by allowing them to keep a tab on their diet by keeping the consumed calories under the radar.

When you first sign up for the app, you need to provide information about how much weight you want to gain or lose. The app then will provide you with a daily diet plan and statistics linked to the number of calories you consume on a daily basis. The app also helps you find out what types of food contain the highest or the lowest number of calories so that you can alter your food habits accordingly. Like the other apps mentioned above, this app is very convenient to use and anyone can benefit from it. It has a food database of over 3,282,000 items from which you get to choose which food you want to know about. Also, you can add customized recipes of your choice into the app.

MyFitnessPal is flexible and you can get your own personalized diet profiles keeping in mind your specific dietary needs. The app basically calculates your calorie needs based on your height, weight, lifestyle and gender.
Although the app is an on-the-run app, without wireless network it isn’t going to work.

5. S Health – If you are a fitness freak, then one app that is a must on your android phone is S Health. Whether you are into daily jogging or a strict regular workout regime, you can definitely benefit from this app. It is pretty user-friendly and can help you set your own goals to be more active. It keeps a track of your daily activities, including how many hours of sleep you get during a day, what kind of food you eat on a daily basis, is it healthy or not, and also keeps a track of your physical activities.

So, this app allows you to keep a track of your day-to-day schedule by weighing yourself, measuring your blood sugar level, your daily workout routine, how many litres of water you consume in a day, your caffeine intake and what kind of food you are eating on a daily basis – almost everything. While you are running, or hiking or trekking, you can use this app as a map and start your activity. Although this app has been developed by Samsung, it isn’t just for Samsung mobile phones and any android phone user can download it and avail its benefits. You get a very clear dashboard for use and the app has a lot of tie-ins with many other popular apps. The sleep tracking, however, isn’t that reliable and the IOS version of the app isn’t that impressive.

The above-mentioned android apps to monitor your health are just to name a few, there are plenty of other apps available for downloads such as Noom Walk, Progression Fitness Tracker, Runkeeper, Stronglifts 5X5 Workout, and Strava. Some of these come as free apps while others don’t. However, all of them are meant to provide you with a fitness goal and help you stay fit and healthy.

Download these apps to aid your fitness efforts and better your experience of health monitoring. The above mentioned are some of the most highly rated apps and you are not likely to be dissatisfied with their performance. These apps will help in staying healthy and find out what you are doing wrong and where you are lagging behind so that you can improve your health and lead a disease-free and happy life.

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