Edited & Updated – Nothing is better than a healthy and balanced diet. But, there are certain foods that can help you live longer and healthier. These foods slow down your ageing process and help you stay younger. Start the intake of the below mentioned 6 anti ageing foods in your diet in order to look younger than actual. Take these anti ageing foods as breakfast in the morning and see the amazing results:

Green Tea

Green tea contains the antioxidants EGCG that fights wrinkles and rejuvenates skin cells. It contains two more antioxidants that are polyphenols and catechins. These two take years away from your face. Regular intake of green tea controls your blood sugar and keeps you away from cancer.


Rich in fibre and vitamins but low in calories, blueberries are the best choice of morning breakfast. Enriched in polyphenols, blueberries intake improves your motor skills and enables you to stay away from fatal diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart-related issues.


Oatmeal, one of the best anti ageing foods, is rich in fibre that supports in managing cholesterol levels. Apart from Omega 3 fatty acids, oatmeal contains potassium and folate along with slow release carbohydrates. It also contains the antioxidants that can support decrease wrinkles and reduce cell damage.

Pomegranate Juice

Recent studies have proven that pomegranate slows down of your DNA ageing process. Having a glass of pomegranate juice on a regular basis, you can keep your skin wrinkle free. Its regular intake slows down the natural oxidation of DNA, prevents heart-related problems and provides relief from stress.


Some of you think that taking eggs can damage your health as these are high in cholesterol. According to recent studies, including an egg a day in your diet offers you numerous health benefits. Enriched in good fats like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, eggs are good for your health. You can ignore the yellowish eggs if you are on weight loss. The white eggs are rich in proteins, calcium, iron and vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and E.


Grapefruit intake can keep your insulin level in control and stay you away from excess weight gain. Its periodical intake helps you lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Rich in vitamin C, it keeps you away from radical damage and strengthens your heart.

By Amit Kumar

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  1. green tea is really very effective. i have experienced it. after taking it in the morning, I feel light all the day. my face has regained its glow

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