Winter is at its young stage and it influencing us in the form of smog and fog. Smog is the result of high air pollution and it makes hard for people and kids to breathe. Smog makes the condition worse for people with asthma cardiovascular issues. Here are some effective ways to protect yourself from smog:

1. Stop morning walks
Yes, taking exercises is essential for staying healthy. But it is not good for you in the smoggy weather, as you take toxic air in while walking/jogging/running in the morning. Stop your morning walk/jogging/running when the weather is too smoggy. Go for walking when smog settles down or shift it in the evening.

2. Plant air purifying plants in home and office
Place air-purifying plants like Aloe Vera, Ivy, Money Plant and Spider in your home and office. These plants purify indoor air and minimize the indoor air pollution.

3. Take herbal tea
To stay healthy in winter, you must take herbal tea like Tulsi and Ginger Tea. Taking herbal tea minimizes pollution effects and helps you stay healthy.

4. Ventilate your home
In winter, most of you keep your doors and windows closed all day. It is wrong. You should let your home take fresh air in. For this, you can open your doors and windows between 2 and 5 pm.

5. Take a diet rich in vitamin C and omega fatty acid
Keep in mind that a healthy diet helps you beat the bad effects of pollution. You should take fruits rich in vitamin C, magnesium and foods with omega fatty acid.

6. Prohibit your kids from going out
Stop the kid below 8 from going out when the weather is smoggy. Ask the school authority to suspend outdoor activities.

7. Use air-purifiers
In smoggy weather, kids, the elders and the pregnant women have higher risks of getting affected. To keep them healthy, use air-purifiers in their rooms.

8. Take steam daily
In the evening, try to take the steam with few drops of eucalyptus oil. This helps your air passages relax and supports your body remove the harmful particles.

9. Use chimney or exhaust in your kitchen and bathroom
To minimize indoor air pollution, you must use chimney or exhaust in your kitchen and bathroom. This ensures that the air is re-circulated.

10. Use facemask when you go out
In smoggy weather, air is very polluted and going outside in such a scenario is bad for your health. To protect yourself from smog ill effects, you should use facemask of N95/99 while stepping out.

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