Things to do in Goa

If you are looking for an amazing vacation destination, look no further than Goa, India. Goa is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations due to its blue seas and palm-fringed beaches. Besides beaches in Goa, there are many things to do and sites to visit. As a tourist, you can visit beautiful landscapes, state’s unique Portuguese heritage, and spice plantation. Further, you can visit night clubs, buzzing restaurants and markets. For your convenience, here is the list of top 10 things to do in Goa.

Things to do in Goa

  • Visit Panaji
  • Walk through Fontainhas
  • Enjoy at Baga
  • Adventure sports
  • Taste Goan cuisine
  • Dine at Goa’s restaurants
  • Shop at Arjuna Market
  • Attend Sunburn Goa
  • Walk aside the Chapora Fort
  • Go to Old Goa

1. Visit Panaji

Panaji, the capital city of Goa, locates near about the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church. By visiting here, you will have a view of its whitewashed churches, wide tree-lined roads, and Portuguese-inspired houses. All these give a different look and atmosphere to the city.

2. Walk through Fontainhas

Fontainhas’ neighbourhood in Panaji has been depicted as the old Latin Quarter of the city. You will have a stunning view of its narrow streets that are speckled with well-kept Indo-Portuguese mansions.

3. Enjoy at Baga

Baga is one of the most popular Goa beaches. People know the beaches in Goa as shacks and restaurants with fresh seafood. The seafoods are great for a leisurely meal. Here, you can relax at a cafe.

4. Adventure sports

The beaches in Goa are very popular hubs for adventurous sports like jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and wind surfing. Here, you can fly a paraglider over Baga beach in the north of Goa.

5. Taste Goan cuisine

The cuisine in Goa utilizes enough local spices, fresh seafood and ingredients like coconut or kokum. Popular Goan dishes are balchao, pork sorpotel, pork vindaloo, fish curry and xacuti.

6. Dine at Goa’s restaurants

Besides beaches, Goa is famous for fresh seafood. The state restaurants offer traditional recipes to fine dining eateries that are available all around the globe.

7. Shop at Arjuna Market

You cannot stop yourself from shopping in the Arjuna Market in your Goa tour. Goa is very famous for flea markets. Held every Wednesday, the Arjuna flea market has stalls offering each and everything, from whacky leather accessories to cheap clothing and junk jewellery.

8. Attend Sunburn Goa

As a party destination, Goa’s reputation is growing day by day. Beachside nightclubs here are very popular for their dusk-to-down parties. Sunburn, a music festival, is organized in December every year. Don’t forget to attend it in your Goa tour in December.

9. Walk aside the Chapora Fort

The log seaside of Goa still has the remains of several forts constructed by many rulers over centuries. Near Vagator Beach, Adil Shah, the ruler of Bijapur, constructed the Chopra Fort on the bank of the Chapora River.

10. Go to Old Goa

Old Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the capital of former Portuguese. It has several splendid cathedrals and churches of the 16th and 17th centuries. The Se Cathedral, the largest Old Goan church, is an excellent instance of the Renaissance architecture. It holds 15 impressive altars. Tourists know the church and convent of St Francis of Assisi for its intricate gilded woodwork and murals. It houses an archaeological museum within its premises.

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