Summer has knocked the door. It is the best time for you to sweat out. As hot days are uncomfortable so, you need to take utmost care of yourself while working out in summer. It is essential for you to keep yourself protected from heat stress, nausea, strokes, headache and especially dehydration in hot days. For your convenience, here are the things that you should keep in mind while performing summer workouts:

Stay hydrated all the times

Don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you while going to a gym or performing workouts in summer. Drink water whenever you feel thirst whether the time is the beginning, middle or end of a workout. It will help you stay hydrated. As far as possible, keep yourself away from the intake of carbonated, caffinated or soft drinks.

Select the best time for your summer workouts

It makes a big difference to work out during the right time of the day. Choose the time when sun’s radiation is lower. Generally, it is early morning or evening. It helps you stay protected from heat stroke and working out indoors minimizes your exposure to the sun. As a runner, choose early morning or post sunset time for your running.

Put on light-coloured and loose clothes

Light-coloured dresses reflect off the heat of summer. It would be the best for you to wear clothes made of cotton if you do workouts outdoors. In addition, ensure that your outfit is not too tight and uncomfortable. Don’t forget to have sunscreen (an SPF of 45 or higher) if you perform exercises outside.

Take proper care of your body

You should keep your body’s needs in mind while performing summer workouts. If it requires, slow down the intensity of your exercise. Try to do workouts of lower intensity and keep yourself hydrated, but don’t stop exercising.

Stretch it out

Always do warm-up before taking exercises. Don’t skip the stretches even you feel your muscles are warm enough to perform workouts. Stretching it out metabolises your blood sugar that leads you improve coordination and reduce fat storage.

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