Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
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In today’s world, you (females) are more confident and independent. You have made your own identity in almost every field – medical, business management, politics, sports, etc. No one of you wants to wait for the right opportunity. You create a suitable opportunity based on your education and interest. In the current world, you play a double role. In your professional life, you are a super-active working woman. You take your responsibility as a sister, mother, or spouse well in your personal life. To manage all your responsibilities at work and life, you need to stay healthy and fit. In your working life, you need to be formal as per your office requirements. Here are a few useful styling tips for office-going females (you):

1. Know your body well

Approximately 48 body types are there. Thinking everything would suit your body can lead you a fashion faux pas. The best thing is that you should know your body type through conducting researches on the Internet or asking an expert before shopping a formal outfit for you. You can switch to blouses from shirts if your body type doesn’t allow you wearing shirts. Pair your blouses with fitted pants or straight pants.    

2. Have well-matched accessories

Putting an outfit on is not enough for you, office-going girls/women. You need to pair your outfit with accessories. A colourful scarf will be attractive with black pants, black monotone blouse, and black pumps. To look younger and impressive, you can pair your burgundy dress with mustered earrings and shoes. You can opt for kurtas in white, maroon, and white tones with straight pants, colourful dupattas, necklaces, and anklets.

3. Do mix and match

You can pair your simple white shirts with a navy check jacket and a navy trouser for having a heightened look instantly. For an immediate boost in look, you can pair your classic formal dress with a printed scarf. You can draw an attention of all in your office by wearing a grey shirt with a black pencil shirt and a maroon shrug.

4. Add layers

For an instant augment, add overcoats, shrugs or jackets with your outfit. You can also opt for a churidar payjama with a plain cotton kurta and a printed scarf or a long waistcoat for a professional look. Your layer should be a well match of texture and colour whatever you layer to your outfit.

By Amit Kumar

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