There are lots of people suffering from these issues. You need to still take it in stride and live a life which is healthy. Though not easy. But with proper lifestyle things can improve a lot. There are lots of people suffering from various issues. This is one of the most deadly diseases. Let us look at some of the very important ways by which you can still stay healthy and fit in spite of having this issue.

Exercise regularly in the right way:
For HIV-positive people, it is more important to exercise.

And this is why you should exercise:

  • It helps you keep the muscle mass, which infected people can lose. This is a bit something very important. These people become weak and need every bit of help that is possible.
  • Keeps your bones in good shape to avoid osteoporosis, which is the weakening of bones. To avoid this you need to do the right kind of exercise daily and that will help you a great deal.
  • Reduces stress and get sufficient sleep to boost your energy level.

Find a workout companion to assist you to encourage you through and stick to it. Also, find time to get sufficient sleep. This is important no matter what. You need to sleep for 8 hours a day. People have a very different working schedule at the present time. Things are not the same. If you are not sure, you can take help of a professional to guide you in the right way for reaching your goals. This is a special condition that you are going through and can help you a great deal.

HIV and eating healthy:

  • It’s imperative for HIV positive people to eat healthily, and to observe their eating habits.
    Here are the kind of foods to eat:
  • Protein (meat and fish) builds the muscles and a stronger immune system.
  • carbohydrates (fruits, starches, grains, and sugars) give you energy.
  • Healthy fats (like fat in avocado or olive oil) are suitable for extra the power.
  • Minerals and Vitamins are supplements (added nutritional value)
  • Water helps cells—and your body—stay healthy

Emotional and mental health:
Your emotional and mental health is not to be overlooked—find a counsellor through your healthcare provider or ASO professional. Finding out you that you are infected and living with it may lead to psychological torture, depression, and anxiety. But these situations can be kerbed, and lots of people get along. Ask your ASO expert to connect you with a support group.

Sexual health
Practising safe sex and taking medicine to treat HIV could help stop someone else getting it from an HIV-positive person. Some people think if both partners are HIV positive, they don’t need to use protection, but it is not true. One person can have a different kind of virus—one that’s difficult control. Sexually transmitted diseases, like herpes, can be more dangerous to someone with HIV, whose immune system is weak.

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