Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Are you the one who is on the move most of the time? Like you, there are a large number of people, who stays on the move. You need not blame having lack of time. As a health conscious person, you should value equally to all works of your life whether the work is eating, breathing or taking exercises. Here are some effective tips for you to stay fit if you are on the move:

  1. Stick to your made commitment

Whether it is your business trip, holiday or casual meet, you need to give priority to your health. You should make a commitment to yourself and do workouts whenever you get the time. Whether it is the morning, afternoon or evening, squeeze in a workout. Keep your exercising constant whatever the circumstances you have.

  1. Do not skip two workouts in a row

While being on the tour, most of us skip workouts to enjoy the tour/vacation or stay focused on the business meeting. Doing that is not good for your health and you should value your workouts as you give to your eating/drinking/breathing or allied others. As you get the time, take at least one exercise and never skip exercises in a row.

  1. Take exercises in your hotel room

On tour/vacation, it is hard for you to go to a park for workouts/walking. You can use your hotel room for exercising. Use the stool, chair or wall to take light exercises. This will help you stay fit even you are on the move most of the time.

  1. Prepare a flexible fitness routine for your vacation/business tour

When you are at home, you have a fixed time for all your daily works. On tour, it is hard to take exercises on a fixed time. You should make a flexible routine for workouts for your tour. Start exercising in your waiting/hotel room when you notice a delay in your flight/train. Take the exercises that you can do in a short span of time.

  1. Eat to live but not live to eat on vacation/business tour

Eating is one of the aspects of business tours or vacations. People enjoy varied dishes and do not want to miss a favourite dish. However, you need to stick to your health commitment and take meals that can keep your energized whole day. Avoid overeating.

  1. Keep short your workout when you are short on time

Pack your light exercise equipment like skipping rope, snickers and yoga mat in your travelling bag. Use any equipment and do a workout when you get time in your vacation or business meeting. To stay fit on the move, do light exercises like skipping and yoga poses of short durations while being on business tour/vacation.

By Amit Kumar

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