Our skin lasts a lifetime, however, we still tend to take our skin for granted. Not caring for it and really not bothering about it. Over a period of time, the skin starts to show signs of ageing, pigmentation starts and looks really bad. That is when one really wakes up and realises that it is time to takes care of skin, it always stays in good shape. You can not really stop ageing but you can definitely slow the ageing process. It is hence important to keep your skin well maintained.

When we buy a designer dress we take great care of it dry cleaning it and trying to maintain it. Or say a diamond necklace or even a nice piece of crockery that you will probably wash personally, scared that it may break. Well, if damaged all these things can be taken care of, but there is no substitute for skin. So one needs to take absolute care of our precious possession.

Often I am asked at what age should one start really looking after one’s skin? The answer is that from
the day you are born.

There are three categories of ageing:

Chronological ageing:

How old you really are by the calendar. That is the date of birth of the person decides this age.

Biological Ageing:

Your organs decide the factor and tissues are compared to that of others your age. To begin with, skin is an organ. To explain this further, skin of a 30 year old looks really bad and blotchy whereas the skin of a 40-year-old looks radiant and is great looking. So for all practical purposes, the 40-year lady has a skin
that looks 30 and vice versa

Ageing of the mind/psyche:

How old you really think you are, so its your actual thoughts that control this ageing factor. If you are 40 and feel that your are 20 then you are psychologically young. The biological and psychological ageing processes are very much in our hands. Where as the chronological ageing process is beyond your control. Ageing is dependant on sleeping habits, right eating habits,exercising, breathing, water intake and environmental factors like pollution besides, personal stress you may be going through. We ca push biological and psychological ageing by nearly 10 years behind the actual age, provided we take good care of our self.

At the age of 60 if you aspire to be looking like 20 there is a problem at hand because try as you might with all the latest facial surgeries or treatments, your body or some parts of it will give up the secret.
So it is best to age gracefully. Being a human being, the hard truth is that since one is born, one has to age and progress through life. Enjoy every phase of your life and give your self the cherishing gift of looking what age you actually are. Taking care of yourself as you age each day.

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