Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Work from home (WFH) offers numerous benefits, and most of you must have realised it in the ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. In WFH, you don’t need to be in formal attire and you don’t have to travel. Besides, you can take breaks whenever you need the same.

Here are some useful ways to set up a work from home corner:

Find a suitable place
First of all, you have to decide the place/location in your home for your WFH. You can use your guest room as your WFH space if you have no guest at present. Even an unused room or balcony can be a great location for your work from home corner. Think creatively with a bird’s eye view on the function.

Have some privacy for office communication
Household noise is a disturbing thing for your work call, and it can create a hassle for your office communication. You need to have a separate space for your work at home. Keep the doors closed during your working hours and request your family members not to disturb you. For visual privacy, you can hang a curtain in your room if you don’t find a separate place for your WFH.

Ensure storage for your office work
The storage space completely depends on what type of job you do while working from home. You should have enough storage for your work-related things, such as files, laptop, pens, accessories and other stationary items. Keep your official sensitive documents away from your family members, especially from children. It would be better to have a wardrobe or drawer with a locking system.

Never compromise with your comfort
Your comfort should be your first priority while establishing a work from home corner. Using a dining chair for a more extended period can cause back problems for you. Ensure to have a high quality desk and chair, especially made for working professionals. Your chair must have a proper lumber support and an adjustable system to rise up or down the sitting height as per your comfort. Comfortable seating will help you maintain your productivity.

Make sure to have enough light
The right amount of light in your working area can make your WFH soothing for your eyes. Natural light is always better for work. However, you need to control it if you are working on your desktop or laptop. Hang curtains to control natural light and install a table lamp, apart from wall or ceiling light in the created work space.

Refresh your space with some green
Indoor plants make your room refreshing and brighten the space. You can place a small desktop bonsai or tall potted palms to liven up your work from home corner. Customise the area and make it warm as per your need.

Creating a work from home corner depends on several things. Your WFH space works well for you when you maintain a physical distance from the presence of family members, create privacy, value your comfort, have enough light, and make the space refreshing for you. Enjoy your work from home by creating an ideal space for it.

By Amit Kumar

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