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The nutrients your body absorbs from the food you eat can either build up or break down your body’s health at a cellular level. Almost 2 trillion new cells are born into the body on a daily basis and by choosing to eat the right foods you are supporting the growth of those cells, ensuring their healthy life cycle. Cells are the building blocks of all of our organs and tissues and are the smallest living organisms in our bodies. Here’s how proper nutrition builds cellular health.

Cells Keep Your DNA Safe from Damage

By eating a proper diet, your cells are able to do what they do best to ensure your survival. They do this by protecting your DNA, which is stored inside the nucleus of the cell. There are many ways for the cell to keep your DNA safe, however, research shows that the best line of defense is found in the foods you eat. You need a steady supply of antioxidants and phytonutrients to maintain proper cellular health and can get these nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Cells Slow the Ageing Process

Of course, you won’t literally be able to stay young forever, but, by feeding yourself a nutritious diet you can sure feel like it! Healthy cells rejuvenate themselves overnight. This helps to address many common complaints associated with ageing- baggy eyes, loss of energy, weight gain, lower sex drive etc..

They Repair Your Muscles and Vital Organs

Our body’s ability to repair its muscles and organs is vital to our survival. Healthy eating allows our cells to heal the parts of our bodies that have been damaged quickly and efficiently. Without healthy cells, we wouldn’t be able to recover after workouts and broken bones would remain broken forever.

Proper Nutrition Allows Your Cells to Make You More Attractive

When you are of good cellular health, your skin will be glowing and free of blemishes, the whites of your eyes will be vibrant and clear, and your hair and nails will be extra shiny. In other words, all of the things that make you attractive to the opposite sex will become enhanced because it tells them on a biological level that your body is healthy, and, ultimately that is what we are looking for when we choose a mate.

Have you been maintaining a healthy diet? If not, you may want to start considering some changes you could be making in an effort to achieve a higher level of cellular health.

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