Thanks to present day lifestyle problems, no matter what amount of food you have, it’s very much possible to miss out on micro-nutrients vitamins. And hence the need for multivitamin tablets.

What minerals do we need to stay healthy and young?

Minerals provide rigidity and strength to our teeth and bones that form our skeleton,help with nerve and muscle function, are vitally important in biochemical interactions and the normal clotting of blood and for everyday tissue repair and growth.

Make sure the multivitamin supplement you buy contains calcium, iodine,magnesium, zinc,
selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, sodium potassium, boron and vanadium. Iron should only be in formulas designed for women who are still menstruating. Other adults can easily meet their Iron needs from food, and excess can be unhealthy.

Do women need certain minerals more than men?

Women need silica to help keep their bones healthy. Compared to men, women of any age
also need more boron and calcium. However, women going through or past menopause need even more calcium to protect their bones.

What can destroy or interfere with vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins are easily wiped out by light, air, heat, and water. Cooking many foods actually
destroys their vitamins. Drinking alcohol will deprive you of several vitamins. Oral contraceptives interfere with B12 and folic acid in women who take them. When you eat a meal at a restaurant, don’t count on getting any vitamins from your food as the use of heating lamps destroys many nutrients. Many prescription medications can rob you of several vitamins and minerals. Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke destroys vitamin C.

Is it possible to get all the vitamins,minerals and herbs I need in just one pill a day?

No, for vitamins, minerals, and herbs to be effective they need to be in amounts that could not possibly fit into a single tablet. Many vitamins are only active in the body for a short period of time and need to be replenished every six to eight hours. You need a formula designed to be taken at intervals during the day(three times a day, just like meals). This will provide you with superior benefits.

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