The market around the world is flooded with the products claiming glowing and youthful skin. However, most of us are not satisfied with types of beauty products available in the market. And we find it hard to fulfil our desire of staying young.

In Japan, women have been admired for their skin for centuries. Skincare advocates in Japan say that patting on creams, serums and lotion is the main application for glowing skin. Patting works more than rubbing. Skin patting approach is very popular and fruitful in Japan, as it promotes collagen and stimulates blood flow. Francesca Fusco, a well-known cosmetic dermatologist, states the Cosmopolitan, “Patting is better than spreading on your skincare.”

To validate her claim, she states, “Patting is gentler, and it does not pull on your skin such as rubbing in lotion does. It limits the possibility of messing up the flow of your lymphatic system.” Substitute rubbing with patting if you are determined to look young forever. Patting will help you to get a more youthful skin with a prolonged glow.

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