Thailand is a multi-cultural country and filled of numerous rituals followed in its festivals. If you have strong desire to know Thai culture, plan your Thailand holiday in accordance with the dates of festivals and explore its culture. Here 3 festivals are described briefly.

Monkey Buffet Festival – Monkey Buffet Festival, a unique festival in Thailand, is celebrated in Lopburi province and a great source to know the local culture. Invented by local businessmen in 1989 to boost tourism, the festival has become an element of Thailand tour. It is held for the benefit of monkeys. As per an estimate, 4000 kilograms of fruits, cakes, vegetables, candies etc are laid down on tables in front of temples. Around 3000 monkeys come and fill their stomach. The festival also houses numerous activities related to monkeys: young people dressed in monkey costumes and masks dance on music. It is great source of enjoyment for tourists who are on their Thailand tour.

Songkaran Festival – Referred as traditional Thai New Year, Songkaran Festival is just like Hindu’s festival Holi celebrated in India. The festival is celebrated for three days from 13th to 15th April every year. In celebration of it, people came out in the streets with water guns and bowls to splash water on each other. In addition to splashing water, a paste of beige-colored talc and water is smeared to one another. It is a great day to come out and meet with locals. So, plan your Thailand tour in second week of April and include in your trip to Thailand.

Vegetarian Festival – The Vegetarian Festival is a nationwide celebration in Thailand and normally held from the 1st to 9th of Chinese Lunar month which falls 11-19 October in Georgian Calendar. The most popular place for holding the festival is Phuket province where the most spectacular event takes place yearly. It would be better for you to plan your Thailand tour in early October.

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