Due to its very strong position in the tourism sector, Goa needs no introduction. A holiday in Goa ensures you that you will have a lot of things to do and lots of places to visit. When the word Goa strikes your mind, it is sure that you will start thinking about natural wonders, impressive coastlines, long cultural inheritance, etc. Don’t get worried as I have made a list of 5 Goan markets that you can visit for shopping in your short holiday tour in Goa.

Chapora Fish Market

Love to eat fresh seafood! Go to the fish market that is along the Chapora River. In this market, you will buy fresh fish that is caught by the local women every morning. You will have every type of fish from crabs, lobsters, mussels, kingfish and prawn to pomfret. Enjoy fresh seafood.

Anjuna’s Wednesday flea market

Very close to the Anjuna beach, this popular daytime market has a mix of Gujarati, Kashmiri and Tibetan shops and stalls offering designer clothes and jewellery items. This market has a wide range of food outlets.

Mapusa’s Friday Market

This weekly market like the flea markets at Arpora and Arjuna is widely a local affair and is flooded with local farm products such as fresh fruits, spices, seafood and vegetables. While visiting the market, you will come across products like breads, pickles, yummy pork sausages, rock salt, pottery and cheap clothes. You will also find bamboo products.

The Saturday Night Market

Between the Baga and Arjuna beaches, there is a market on the Arpora Hill. It runs on Saturday and is very popular for its party like atmosphere. If you are looking for Goa’s international designs in products like jewellery, bags, clothes and other accessories, it is the best place for you. Here you will find live music concerts, restaurant stalls offering an extensive range of dishes from organic salads to Greek food.


Located in South Goa, this large market is the best place to bargain for cheap alcohol and local delicacies such as bebinca.

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