Meditation for starters

If you feel tense or overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life you can seek solace in meditation to clarify your thoughts. It takes only 5 minutes to get started and it is immensely effective too.

Why do we need to meditate?
Once in a while, everyone finds it difficult to cope with negative forces like anxiety, worry, and frustration around us. Meditation makes us experience the quiet in our soul. It requires conscious effort. The mind must be calm and quiet to benefit from the few minutes you take to meditate. We need to empty ourselves in order for our inner being to reach a level of peace.

What is meditation?
It is communication with the Divine or a oneness with the universe. For many of us, meditation is a sort of prayer, a way to find inner peace. How we mediate is an individual matter but here are some suggestions.

Set up schedule.
It is always good to follow a schedule. For this, the best time is early morning or when you are fresh and rested.

Following items can make for a good ambience.

  1. A fragrant candle Flowers Incense. Light the candle and the incense. Take a deep breath and let the calming air into your soul. Breath out the negative thoughts and fears. Look at the flowers picture yourself relaxing someplace of which you have pleasant memories. Keep your eyes open so that your vision is centred on the candle and flowers. As you move into meditation, your brain goes from fully awake alpha waves to beta, which is the beginning of the relaxation state.

What do you seek from the universe this morning?

Dwell on a positive aspect of the universe such as Love, Peace, Wisdom, Solace/comfort, Forgiveness.

  1. The scent of the incense helps with the purifications as you breathe in the positive and breath out of the negatives. It also pleasantly stimulates you.
  2. Flowers make the ambience lively. The candle flame reminds you of the oneness of the universe or the divine.
  3. You can sit on your bed meditate or sit in a comfortable chair. Don’t worry about the difficult lotus position. Relax your body. Be comfortable.
  4. Keep your breathing regular, slow and easy. Breath in the positive, breath out the negatives. Breath in power, exhale fear and worry.
  5. Feel at one with the universe. Accept the peace which surpasses understanding. Relax Breath in, breath out.
  6. When you are ready to end the meditation, you’ll find your day will go a lot more smoothly after you have begun with meditation even if you have taken only 5 minutes for this relaxation technique.

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