As we grow older, our skin begins to have wrinkles. This is seen as a normal process. Basically, one is meant to be experiencing wrinkles on his skin when he begins to get older. However, there are cases whereby one being to experience wrinkles on his skin in his early 20s and 30s. This could be as a result of stress, hectic lifestyle, improper diet, lack of sleep etc. Basically, wrinkles appear on the skin that is ageing and losing its natural elasticity. There are various symptoms and signs of wrinkles such as furrows around the eyes and lips, loose skin on the hands, sagging skin in different areas of the body, fine lines on the neck, mouth, around the eyes etc. Most of the people do not like it when they have wrinkles on their face and hence, seek for ways to have a wrinkle free skin. To avoid wrinkles on the skin, one has to feed his body with what it needs exactly. Foods that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals should be included in one’s diet. Furthermore, one is advised to consume a large amount of water. This is because hydration is essential to kick against early ageing.

There are various means of having a wrinkle free skin. However, one has to find out his skin type. This is regarded as the first step as the skin type determines the means by which the skin can be wrinkle free. After finding out the skin type, it would be easier for one to find the perfect skin care products to use on the skin. Some means to make the skin wrinkle free include:

1. Cleansing the skin regularly:

It is very important for the skin to be cleansed regularly. To do this effectively, warm water can be used to cleanse the face to remove grime by unblocking skin pores. One is advised to use solutions that are soap free as soap could dry on the skin.

2. Applying circular motions on the skin:

Skin circulation is very vital, as it helps to eradicate dead skin cells and also aids good circulation.

3. Exercise:

It is very important for one to always exercise. Generally, exercising is very good for the body, as it helps to keep the body fit. Apart from that, it helps to release toxins as it circulates oxygen and some other basic nutrients around the skin.

4. Exfoliation and hydration:

Exfoliation helps to eradicate superficial cells that are in the skin. This gives room for new cells to replace the old and dead one. One should endeavour to always to use natural anti wrinkle skin product to moisturise the skin after exfoliation.

5. Using sunscreen to prevent skin from ultraviolet light:

Ultraviolet rays are quite harmful, as they can harm the epidermis of the skin. To make the skin wrinkle free, one should always use sunscreen that would help protect the skin from ultraviolet light.

6. Having regular sleep and rest:

Wrinkles on the skin can be as a result of lack of adequate rest and sleep. When we rest and sleep adequately, it would be quite impossible for wrinkles to grow on the skin.

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