Officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon till 1972 and only Lanka in ancient time. Now the country has its own importance in world tourism and it draws the tourists of all age groups as it has everything (adventure spots, culture, natural greenery etc) to offer the visitors. If you love adventure and want to feel thrill, include Diving, Swimming, Deep Sea Fishing and Whale & Dolphin Watching in your tour package to Sri Lanka.


Diving has been a part of Sri Lanka tour of young persons. The ocean near about it whispers of tales bygone, of bandits & pirates, ones of regal maritime visits and journeys of spice merchants & explorers. As you go deep into the warm waters, the stories become alive. The Indian Ocean’s crystal clear waters having a visibility of 20 meters offers ideal conditions for diving. As a scuba driver, you will have enthralling exploration experience when you come across with deep reefs and reef walls in the Indian Ocean.


Sri Lanka’s golden shores are the most calm in the tropics. This island has around 1,300 kilometers long palm-fringed beach provides the ideal place for swimming and encourage the visitors at the beaches to get indulged in to feel the thrill. The west and south coast beaches are perfect for recreational and serious swimmers between the months of April and November. For the swimmers looking for an added bonus, a swim in the Southern coast of Hikkaduwa can give a lifetime experience of swimming thrill at the time of high tide.

Deep-Sea Fishing

You can have the experience of Deep-Sea Fishing in your Sri Lanka tour. As the waves plummet the sides of the boat and the sea birds call above your head, the ocean’s scent and the thrill of the chase is exhilarating. Shark, Marlin, Tuna, the big names in deep-water game fishing roam Sri Lanka’s deep seas. Closer to shore the calmer waters teem with a variety of species, and the hospitable local fishermen are only too willing to invite visitors to join them on their daily or nightly excursions off the coastline.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

In the northwestern and southern oceans of Sri Lanka, Mirissa and Kalpitiya is crowded with visitors for whale watching every year in January. Around Kalpitiya and Mirissa, you have opportunity to watch blue whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, dolphins and pigmy sperm whales in a very large numbers. The large pods of Spinner Dolphins followed by whales can be seen easily in shallow water of 30 meters.


In your tour to Sri Lanka, you can go for trekking of forests and national parks. During your trekking, you can come across with endangered and wild animals. You will have opportunity to watch several species of mammals, birds, snakes etc. Visiting the national parks here will make you feel being in the lap of nature and adventure.

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