Most of you like to take kheer. Normally it is cooked in almost in every home. Go traditional way and make a difference in your cooking and serving process of kheer as we have come up with Kulhad kheer recipe in our series of fitness recipes. Preparing kulhad kheer takes 15 minutes in preparation and 30 minutes in cooking. As per the mentioned ingredients, you can serve your cooked kulhad kheer to six persons.


  • 1litre milk
  • Sliced pistachios and a few rose petals for garnish
  • 1tsp elaichi powder
  • 2tbsp samai rice
  • 100g sugar
  • ½ cup mixed dry fruits
  • 6 kulhad (earthen bowls)


  • Soak the kulhad in water to wash
  • Wash samai rice with water
  • Place the dry fruits in water
  • Boil the milk till it thickens
  • Slow the flame after adding the rice to the boiling milk
  • Add sugar
  • Keep stirring and cook till it thickens
  • Add elaichi powder and dry fruits after removing the pan from the flame
  • Pour the prepared kheer into individual kulhads and wait till it cools
  • Adorn with sliced pistachios and rose petals
  • Now serve it

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